My Story

In 1849, Zadock Hunsaker began perfecting his delicious olde english toffee treats right outside London, in the village of Berkinghamshire. His toffee was sought after far and wide across Europe from his modest 'Olde Candy Shoppe'. Dignitaries and Royalty traveled to Berkinghamshire for 57 years. After his death in 1906, the recipe was all but lost and disappeared for 45 years...

In 1982, Heather's great-grandmother, Shorania Hunsaker, passed away in a small cottage in that same small village of Berkinghamshire- the very same cottage that she grew up in. The same cottage that was hand-built by her great-grandfather, Abel Hunsaker, long ago. In her will, this cottage was left to Heather. One sunny day in 1994 - the door bell rang and a sight that she hadn't seen in some time. A actual Western Union telegram. She read

the telegram and instantly tears began to well up in her eyes as she remembered times spent with her great-grandmother; walking at the park, riding the wheelchair around the house and making dresses. So many memories. The telegram announced her great-grandmothers death and notified her, as the sole heir of the estate, that she was to appear at the reading of the will in London.

Packing her bags, she traveled to London to attend the reading of the Will by Sir Raleigh McConnel, Esquire. He had a business flat in lower east-side London. Arriving early, Heather gracefully held back the tears that again welled up in her eyes as she looked around the room and no others were present. Only her. The will reading was supposed to be at 9:00 am and it was already 9:15. At the last minute, a short frumpy man appeared in the doorway and announced himself as Sir Raleigh. After hours and hours of formal notifications required by the country of Great Britain, she was finally informed that she was the new owner of a small cottage in Berkinghamshire. Upon looking at the property, she knew what must be done. She decided to renovate the property to bring it to its former glory.

She hired some local artisans and began renovations  All was going well, when the plumber, inspecting a pipe underneath the floors through the crawlspace, found a small metal box. Inside that metal box, was a gold locket, a eagle feather and small bound stack of parchment. The parchment was written in fountain pen and appeared to be script from a sort of scribe. The writing flowing neatly across the page, perfectly listed ingredients and measurements. It was amazing what she had just found - the long-lost family recipes! 

Heather is proud to share her treats for large and intimate events to the most discerning crowds. Her treats are sought after worldwide since 1998 and available online since 2008.

So, prepare your taste buds as Heather takes you through a journey of the sense of taste. Mind-melting concoctions that soothe your soul, flowing cinnamon notes and sugary whispers that endear your heart.

Heather's Confections provides all you expect!




My Production Facility

All my sweets are produced in a certified commercial kitchen to provide you with the utmost quality and care. I am very proud of our facility in Huntington Beach, California.